Children’s Dentistry

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Instilling healthy dental habits in children at an early age is essential to their future oral health. Most parents want an experienced children’s dentist in Canterbury that will handle all their child’s dental needs while teaching them proper oral care practices.

EDentist Canterbury offers first-class children’s dentistry that will keep your little one’s oral health in immaculate condition.

What To Expect From a Children’s Dentist

At EDentist Canterbury, we understand that visiting a dentist can be distressing for young children, especially if they don’t know what to expect. That’s why we go the extra mile to create a friendly and welcoming environment for patients of all ages. We stream Netflix and provide family-friendly activities to ease your child’s nerves while they wait for the dentist, improving their experience while getting them accustomed to routine dental appointments.

Children’s dentistry is almost identical to adult appointments but with a gentler touch. We start by cleaning the child’s teeth to remove plaque and other blemishes polluting their surface. Our dentists then conduct a thorough examination to uncover potential dental issues before they take hold. If everything appears healthy, we will provide efficient dental care tips before completing the process.

The Importance of Children’s Dentistry

Most children have weaker teeth than adults, making them more prone to dental issues like tooth decay and cavities. However, attending regular dental appointments significantly diminishes oral health problems in children while teaching them proper oral care practices they carry throughout their lives.

Children that don’t attend regular dentist appointments often suffer from poor oral health later in life. They experience more cavities, premature tooth loss, misalignment, and more, drastically reducing their dental integrity. Attending regular dentist appointments is the best way to keep your child’s dental health in immaculate condition and instill positive oral care habits in them before they reach adolescence.

Why Choose EDentist Canterbury?

EDentisit Canterbury is one of Canterbury’s leading dental practices. We offer first-class children’s dentistry that will maintain their beautiful smiles while improving their oral health. Our children’s dentist in Canterbury has extensive experience performing oral procedures on kids of all ages, qualifying them to handle all your child’s dentistry needs.

Our goal is to provide exceptional dental care to your child while giving them the best experience possible. We go to great lengths to ensure your child feels comfortable throughout the check-up, allowing you to rest assured your young one is in good hands during dental procedures.

Friendly Staff

Our team treats your child as their own and does everything they can to provide a positive dental experience every time your family walks through our doors.

Experienced Dentists

Our children’s dentists understand the best approach to each dental procedure and ensure your child receives impeccable dental care during each appointment.

Welcoming Environment

We design our office to accommodate young patients that might feel timid before their appointment. Our waiting room has several activities to relax your child and make them feel welcome while they wait for their dentist.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s best to schedule your child’s first dental appointment once they develop their first teeth. Most children receive their baby teeth a few months before their first birthday. However, some come in much sooner.

Our dentist will assess your child’s teeth and ensure they develop correctly.

If you need an experienced children’s dentist in Canterbury, contact EDentist Canterbury by calling (03) 9875 4393 today!